Our Camp Philosophy


Almont Summer School exists to experientially discover and share God’s love for each of us.

Our means to this ideal being realized is available through each and every moment of our camp life together

– in our worship services, chapels, classes, and morning  and in our daily life together 00 from meal times, from doing chores to singing around the campfire, from leisurely visits to volleyball matches, from flag raising to flag lowering.  All we do and say is a part of learning to live love –


for our littlest children to our most elderly campers.


We recognize that all of us bring habits and learned behaviors that are often less than loving.  Almont is the perfect atmosphere for those parts of ourselves to be seen and to be redefined and re-channeled into new and positive avenues.   We also do not expect any of us to be perfect.  And learning to love also includes loving even when we are less than ideal in our behaviors and attitudes.  Almont is not a camp for model citizens only! It is a place for helping each of us grow in understanding, compassion and integrity




Objectives for Fulfilling Our Summer School Philosophy



Teaching: Our worship services, chapels, classes, and daily morning presentations are opportunities for learning form the Bible and from Swedenborg’s theological works to answer the question of personal worth, meaning and purpose for all ages.

Modeling: More important than perhaps any other aspect of summer school life is the opportunity for modeling our faith to our children and to each other.  It is the most powerful way to teach love.   There is no place for violence or destructive behavior in our life together.  Verbal or physical abuse is never allowed.  Rather, personal attention praise, nurturing and caring are descriptive of the qualities we seek to model daily.

Behavior Management:  We will review our behavior management policies found in the following pages of this handbook as specific tools to deal with behavior problems during the week.

Supervision: Each of us has a role to play in the safety, health and well-being of our campers.  Your specific job descriptions duties are outlined in this handbook.