Jane Siebert

Spiritual Program Coordinator


I just returned from an amazing trip to Egypt and

it ties in directly with the journey we will take at

camp this year. God gave Moses the 10 Commandments

on tablets of stone at Mount Sinai

which is now a part of Egypt.. This is also where

God directed him to build the Tabernacle and the

Ark to hold the Commandments

The Children of Israel carried the Ark of the Covenant

with the Commandments inside as they journeyed

to the Promised Land.

Swedenborg helps make this journey important for our lives as the story of

Exodus is also our story of reformation. We will explore how we can connect

with the Divine and grow to be the person we are created to be. This is learning to live the Golden Rule, Love One Another, which is what Almont Summer School is all about. Rev. Jane Siebert.



Craig Carson

Camp Director


Dear Campers,

It is my great pleasure to be the one welcoming

you to another exciting year of Almont Summer

School! I can’t wait to share with you the camp

session that the Summer School Committee has

worked so hard to create. The theme this year of

The Journey of the Ark of the Covenant provides

us the opportunity to explore how we keep God’s

presence with us wherever we go.

Almont cannot exist without our dedicated staff members, and that means

YOU! Please be sure to check available staff positions listed on our website

and on our Facebook page. Let Betsy or I know as soon as possible if you

are interest in helping to fill any of them.

We look forward to seeing you there! Sincerely, Craig Carson